Hepatitis C Alternative Medicine Treatment Options


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My Favorite Hepatitis C Book
by Matthew Dolan

My Hep C "Bible"

My name is Anna, I am author of this Hepatitis C website. I have Hep C. Here is my review of Matthew Dolan's "The Hepatitis C Handbook":

"I first found out I had Hep C almost two years ago. It was a shock, it was terrifying. It seemed like my doctor didn't know the answers to the questions that plagued me: am I going to die? Should I take interferon? Can side-effects of interferon cause permanent damage to my health and the functioning of my immune system? Can I expect a "normal" life or will the "quality of life" always be affected? Can my liver heal, can it "co-exist" with this virus with the help of diet, life-style changes, exercise, and alternative therapies etc? The questions were many and everytime I talked to my doctor I felt as if I were taking up his time, I felt rushed, I felt like he was annoyed with me from time to time. But I had to get my questions answered. Then I could face and deal with this disease. But I had to understand Hepatitis C first!

That's what Matthew Dolan's book did for me. It answered my Hepatitis C questions in a way that I could understand. It even explained symptoms that I was having which my doctor seemed to have no concept of. It gave legitemacy to my symptoms, to my feelings, to my experience. I knew I was not alone. Brain fog! So that's what it's called! I had no idea other people were having this too. His book gave me confidence. I can not say enough about what it did for me emotionally to know I wasn't going crazy. I had real symptoms, perhaps ones not totally understood by science yet.

This book taught me what I needed to know about this disease to feel that I understand enough to face it. Knowledge truly is empowering and sometimes our best weapon. The book is a rational look at what Hep C is and it is the most comprehensive I have found. I also like the truly balanced way in which all available therapies (conventional and complimentary) are outlined. No bias, no bashing, no advocating this over that, just presenting all our options. This is what so many books don't do. That is what I loved the most about it."

Naomi Judd, R.N., National Spokeswoman for the American Liver Foundation, and country singer (as most of us know her)sums up her impression of Dolan's book: "To read this book is to help gain a sense of control and involvement in defeating hep C. As a proponent of Integrative Medicine, I applaud the book's inclusion of holistic therapies. This is a comprehensive and well written book that I highly recommend."

Hep C Free? Does Lloyd Wright Have The HCV "Cure"?

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“Hepatitis, is an equal opportunity employer, anyone can get it, but no one has to keep it.” Johnny Delirious

“Johnny Delirious” is the pen-name for the author of Hepatitis C, CURED, his story of overcoming exceptional odds. His new book was published on April 30, 2009 and tells his amazing journey of how he beat Hepatitis A, B and C.
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"Dr. Melissa Palmer's Guide To Hepatitis and Liver Disease"
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Healing Hepatitis C with Modern Chinese Medicine is the complete guide for the simple and successful treatment of Hepatitis C. Read Healthy Hepper's Interview with Dr. Qingcai Zhang, MD on Hepatitis C Treatment here

Hepatitis-C and the working man
How I survived Interferon treatment, Authored by Steve Chandler
Finally, a book about Hepatitis-C treatment from the recipients point of view!

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