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Hep C Free? Does Lloyd Wright Have The HCV "Cure"?


Most of us know Lloyd Wright as the "guy who was cured from Hep C" and the author of Triumph Over Hepatitis C the book that describes the alternative medicine approach he used to heal himself and achieve being "hep C free". He also heads a non-profit organization and website which provides alternative medicine products, the main one being NatCell Frozen Thymus.

His website rates very high on the search engines, in fact Lloyd's site was probably one of the very first I came across when I began my research on Hep C. But who is Lloyd Wright and what is his philosophy on a cure for hepatitis C? To find out the answer to this question, I went straight to the source. I interviewed him, and he was very generous with his time both on the phone and in correspondence by email.


1. ANNA: Tell us about yourself and your experience with Hep C?

LLOYD: During the late summer of 1979 I fell through the gates of hell while operating my newly purchased John Deere tractor. Backwards it thundered, flipping over and launching me behind it as it went thrashing through the bushes, careening down a thousand foot cliff. I was crushed as the sixteen thousand pound piece of American junk rolled over me on a very steep, remote site in the Santa Monica mountains. I woke up in the Los Robles hospital. The surgeon on duty informed me that my leg had been broken in six different places and that I had suffered a major crush injury. Over the next thirty days I underwent nine surgeries to reattach my leg. I received four blood transfusions and, unknown at the time, a lethal dose of Hepatitis C. Triumph Over Hepatitis C is composed of two parts. Part 1: The savage journey through the midst of the American Medical Machine. The scarifying saga of Lloyd Wright as he struggled with the menace, Hep C. Part 2: The Alternative Medicine Solution that saved my life (and now countless others). Triumph Over Hepatitis C offers hope where there seems to be little help.

2. ANNA: Are you "anti-medical establishment"? Are you anti-interferon? If there was one thing about interferon you think people with Hep C should know about what would it be?

LLOYD: No, I am not an anti-medical establishment. I do, however, believe that doctors should stick with what they know best i.e. body mechanics and body repair. They need to broaden their education into natural medicine and attempt to relinquish their egotistical attitudes, learn to listen to their patients and above all else, understand that there are, indeed, effective alternatives to Interferon. 95% of all the doctors my clients tell me about are 100% against herbs or anything they cannot write a prescription for.I am anti Interferon. I have now spoken with four people (out of more than 26,000) who have expressed only slight discomfort from interferon and have spoken with only two who have been non-detected from itís use. I sincerely believe that the day will come when the prescribing of interferon for hepatitis will make the tobacco industry scandal pale in comparison. Interferon is a billion dollar a year business in the US and a billion dollars goes a long way to promote itself. The best evidence I have seen on the actual success of interferon is a University study that concludes that; taken the best possible candidates (all other than perfect people removed) only 6.7% had a sustained remission for 6 months.

3. ANNA: What is the single most important thing you did to "triumph" over Hep C?

LLOYD: I was persistent.

4. ANNA: What is your definition of a "cure", in respects to Hep C. For instance, finish the sentence, "Someone is cured when..."

LLOYD: Someone is cured when they test non-detected for the Hepatitis C virus for the rest of their life. The Hep C virus is very small, less than 1/3 the size of the AIDS virus. It mutates with each replication as a means for self-protection. The current HCV RNA Quantitative and Qualitative tests are simply not accurate enough or refined to detect active virus in minute amounts.

5. ANNA: Is there a cure for Hep C?

LLOYD: Yes, it is found in Triumph Over Hepatitis C. The program I outline works better at eradicating the virus than anything currently offered by the FDA.

6. ANNA: What constitutes successful treatment? Multiple Choice: choose the one you think is most important:

[a] elimination of HCV from all body fluids and tisue

[b] suppression of the virus so it remains undectable, inhibition of viral replication, preventing associated damage

[c] reversal of HCV related injury, improved or normal liver function and reasonable expectation of an average life span


7. ANNA: Tell us about one of your "success stories" of a patient who has recovered using your program. How did it help them? Has anyone using your program tested negative for the virus yet?

LLOYD: On Sept 14 2000 I received a phone call from a client. He had purchased a copy ofTriumph Over Hepatitis C
last January. This man has known his doctor since he (his doctor) was a child. Five years ago his doctor told him that he had cirrhosis and Hepatitis C, that he had five years at best...

He shared my book with his doctor, and his doctor told him that the suggested remedy would do nothing for his condition. He began my program in February When he called me last September he was quite happy and had a very deep sense of emotional appreciation. He told me that his ALT and AST were normal for the first time since he had been having his blood tested. His doctor wrote him a letter, which he read to me over the phone. The doctor eloquently stated that having been educated in the way that he was, when he found out about his friendís condition, he knew what the outcome would be. To have it turn around in eight months was something unbelievable to the Dr.

Because of the doctor's unique relationship with my client, he was actually able to see and document what was going on and be able to believe it. I say believe because so many doctors across the country tell people who use my program that they are having a "spontaneous remission." My clients doctor told him, "I think Iím going to re-educate myself because I donít think this was a spontaneous remission." The doctor recommended another biopsy to examine the cirrhosis but the patient refused. We do know that the liver panel is normal for the first time and that he feels better than he has for at least 10 years. Several people have tested negative (one after as little as 2 months) and one who started in August of 2000 tested non-detected in March 2000. Several have lowered viral loads from many million down to very near the non-detected level in as little as 6 months.

Considering my book has only been out for 18 months, I have a staggering 97% success rate. It took me 18 months to test HCV non-detected. Many of my clients follow their blood work more closely than I did because they have insurance. Surprisingly enough a very high percentage of people will have nothing to do with sharing their personal information. There are a few shouting from the mountaintops, however, that are helping me to spread the good news. I have only had 3 non-respondents after 6 months on my program.

8. ANNA: A lot of people say "How do you know Lloyd Wright is Hep C Free?" How do you respond and what medical documentation is there?

LLOYDI provide my blood tests in Triumph Over Hepatitis C
. I also get an ultra-sound and alpha pheta protein test each year because I am a prime candidate for primary liver cancer. No doctor informed me of viral load tests in 1994 nor did they administer one. In 1996 Cedars did, but "lost-it." On April 10, 1997 UCLA ran one and it was HCV non-detected. I saw the test, held it in my hand, asked the doctor for a copy of all of my tests and I picked up a package from the cashiers window when I left. Upon arriving home there was no viral load test there, only the liver panel published in my book. On several occasions I have called and written UCLA attempting to obtain this test. I am always told that it is in the archives and will take 3 months to obtain. I tell them I want it and as yet, have never received it. This doctor, who made Elvis jokes about my herbal usage, is a paid interferon researcher. I think he has made it impossible for me to receive it. Further, this Hep C research doctor wrote a letter to the gastro. It states that I needed to be checked at least once a year for primary liver cancer as I have extreme family history and after cancer, radiation and chemotherapy, my liver is in much more danger than my biopsy indicates. No one ever told me about this letter, I discovered it three years later when requesting all the tests the Gastro had. Builds confidence in the professionals doesnít it. I have had the yearly tests all come back negative.

9. ANNA: Tell us about the non-profit status of your organization. What does it mean? What is the purpose of your organization?

LLOYD: The purpose of Hepatitis C Free is to inform victims of hep c that there is treatment available that works. I want people to know that their doctors do not always have the answers and that it is up to each individual to find out how to save their own lives. I began the quest to help people who have had no success with the medical community and to offer an alternative to the disastrous interferon. I found a way to heal myself all the while feeling great and it became my crusade to share this information.I was also hoping that I would get some tax deductible donations in order to help the thousands who cannot afford the program.

10. ANNA: Are there some nutritional supplements that you advise HCV patients NOT to take?

LLOYD: Be sure not to take supplements containing Iron, unless you have a blood test that suggests you need it. Also, donít "over do" Vitamins A, and E, and avoid Tylenol. It is also possible to take too much Selenium so read your dosages carefully. Live Cell frozen thymus is the central theme I suggest to eradicate the virus. The program is a synergy and I remind everyone that it is a group of items that allow your body to heal, not a single item. After Interferon did nothing but make me sicker, my doctors told me that I had 3 to 5 years left and that perhaps something may come along. This is when I learned of the benefits of the thymus gland and thus began my search for live cell thymus.


ANSWER: Enough cannot be said about Thymus. Thymus is the number one killer of the Hepatitis C virus. There are many forms: pills, liquid, natural and artificial. These all range from worthless to terrific. One of these synthetic products is called Thymosin. It is currently being tested in several countries around the world in conjunction with Interferon. The results that have been reported are good. However, Thymosin is not an item that I took, nor do I recommend it. (Refer to Appendix C: Business Wire 11/18/94).

I tried several times to purchase this product directly from the company and was denied. They did, however, advise me that I could go to Singapore. There I could purchase a large quantity of it and probably would not have any trouble bringing it back into the U.S. The Thymus gland is a primary organ of the human immune system.

It reaches maximum size during early childhood. The Thymus atrophies with age and the production of defense cells gradually declines, making humans more vulnerable to inflammatory diseases and infections.

The Thymus gland creates the T-4 "helper" white blood cells that perform their specialized job in the human body of locating invaders such as viruses, bacteria, or abnormal cells. The Thymus gland also sends out the T-8 "killer" white blood cells to find invaders and destroy them (11).

Those of us with advanced liver pathology, while feeling better after practicing my recommendations, may not completely reverse the path of the virus unless you incorporate the most aggressive and effective treatment.

NatCell frozen Thymus extract will deliver the best possible results. I attribute most of my successful eradication of Hepatitis C from my body as a direct result of consuming several thousand dollars of this product in eighteen months. Keep in mind that I had to pay as much as $ 600.00 a box to obtain the thymus from doctors. I am proud to provide this same item for $200.00. I took one frozen vial every other day. I thawed it in my hand, poured one half vial under my tongue and held it for five minutes, and repeat. If I could afford it, I would take it for the rest of my life. If Cortez had found the fountain of youth, this would have been how he felt. You can find cheaper products, for example Thymoic Protein A, listed in Health and Healing, March 1997 (11). I took this product post healing. I did not notice the jolt or the feeling of well-being associated with the natural form. I question whether or not it was as effective. Thymoic Protein A contains only one of the seven main properties of the thymus gland. I also took Thymus pills every day. Be warned there are some of these products that would not dissolve in water, even after an entire month. These pass through you completely and into the toilet. If you have Hepatitis C, you need NatCellô Thymus extract!

Thymic hormones and their down stream cell products (such as interleukins and interferons) control all phases of maturation, development, antigen commitment, proliferation and cytotoxic activity of the various T cells. Thymic hormones also stimulate non-specific phagocytic and cytotoxic cells to respond against foreign or "non-self" antigens.

Liver diseases, including chronic hepatitis and primary biliary cirrhosis, have been successfully treated by thymus extract. Results of a study using 102 patients with chronic hepatitis and primary biliary cirrhosis showed an increase in T lymphocytes, increased functional activity of mononuclear cells (increased chemotaxis and inhibition), and decreased immunoglobulin counts. All of these indicators signify an increased competence, which favors controlling the immunoinflammatory process in the liver and a normalization of the clinical manifestation of the disease leading to a favorable outcome (12).

These results are important not only for successful treatment of a very difficult disease, which frequently has an unfavorable outcome, but also for the implications for treatment of hepatitis produced by other causes. Many of the inflammatory conditions of the liver are caused by viruses, fungi, or mycobacteria (tuberculosis) (13). Cellular immunity is the chief defense against these agents. Successful treatment using thymus extracts suggests many exciting possibilities for treatment of the presently untreatable ailments of the liver using immunomodulating substances such as thymus extracts.

During my treatment I took 1 vial of NatCell thymus every other day for 18 months. I also took 5-thymus capsules 2 times per day.

12. ANNA: Is frozen thymus expensive, a lot of people worry they can't afford it?

LLOYD: I paid a pretty penny for it back then but now offer it on my website for $162.00 per box (this price includes a 10% discount). I also offer a quantity discount, for those interested, call me. There is a $40.00 Fed Ex Priority Overnight shipping fee on all frozen shipments. For those who think that is a lot of money, I ask you, how much is your life worth to you? For the record, when I was sick, I mortgaged my home to the point that I could not afford the monthly payment and rented it out, and moved into my barn. I concluded that I had two choices 1. Die. 2. Live and be broke. I choose the latter.

Lloyd Wright has provided a a statement from the manufacturer of the frozen thymus extract, which explains how it is different from Thymic Protein A : "The thymus provided by Author and researcher Lloyd Wright is manufactured using our state-of-the-art extraction and ultra-filtration process to preserve the integrity of the active thymic molecules and peptides. The thymus extract sold by Lloyd Wright provides broad-spectrum thymic peptides of 50,000 Daltons or less. Some thymus products have only one known peptide (thymic protein A). Moreover, our propritary ultra-filtration technology is a chemical solvent free process that eliminates unwanted compounds such as fat and fibrous tissues typically found in powders. The live cell thymus provides the molecules in the most natural state possible and it is the highest quality peptide complex available. Kept frozen to preserve integrity of all peptides.

CONCLUSION: I want to thank Lloyd for taking the time to answer these questions. It was very interesting to consider these isssues and learn more about Lloyd, his book, and his organization, Hepatitis C Free.



the book written by Lloyd, which describes what he did to become "Hep C Free"

"I've seen my dear friend go from standing on death's door to being a vital and healthy man again. He did it by following a program that he has since written into his book, Triumph Over Hepatitis C. Having been in the rock and roll business in the crazy 70's, I witnessed a lot of abusive behavior by people I admired. Some of those people are no longer with us but many of them, like Eric Clapton (who's band I was in for 4 years), turned their lives around and totally cleaned up their acts. Without the help that's available to people who need it and ask for it, I doubt many of us would have succeeded. For alcoholics and drug addicts there is AA and NA, and various other support groups. For people with Hepatitis C there is good proven advice in Lloyd Wright's book. If you know anyone who is suffering from this devastating health problem, before you even go near Interferon, try everything else you can to help-including getting this book for them. As I have seen in my friend, it WORKS!" Sincerely, Yvonne Elliman

Recovery from Death's Door: Reviewer: Lyly Duguay, PhD. from Malibu, CA. USA. January 25, 2000 "I have known Mr. Wright for a number of years. I observed first hand his struggle with the ravishes of Hepatitis C and his frustration with the ignorance and arrogance he experienced with traditional medicine establishment, just as he describes in his book. I saw how sick he was, and I thought he would die. He describes this in detail in his book. I also saw the effects of the healing process he went through, and how he has recovered. Mr. Wright felt compelled to share his Triumph Over Hepatitis C with lay people so they might benefit from what he learned and practiced without their going through the agony and great financial cost that he experienced. His book is not a treatise on Hepatitis C; but an account, often times humorous, of his perilous journey through traditional approaches to discovering and practicing an alternative and holistic approach with herbs, foods and other natural supplements. His book, Triumph Over Hepatitis C, is a "no holds barred" authentic account of an ordinary human being in his struggle for survival. Not only does he document the struggle, but he also lists specific remedies. Throughout the book, the author is able to interject a sense of humor and hope into that would otherwise be just a factual account. I witnessed Mr. Wright's going from being at death's door to becoming well. I have read his book more than once and recommend it for everyone who has hepatitis. The book is also good reading for anyone who enjoys brutally honest, extremely funny true life adventure."

Reviewer: Dr.John Finnegan from Malibu, Calif. USA January 15, 2000

I reviewed Mr. Wright's book Triumph Over Hepatitis C Prior to publication and conferred with him on the published edition. I have read the entire volume. Mr. Wright was a patient of mine beginning in 1996 and I worked with him in developing the remedy he describes in Triumph Over Hepatitis C. Mr. Wright describes in his book his condition prior to being diagnosed and presents a copy of his liver biopsy showing chronic hepatitis c as well as significant liver damage from cancer, radiation and chemotherapy. In accordance with his biopsy results his liver enzymes readings were AST panel at 210 (1-41 normal) and ALT panel at 245 (0-45normal). He was bedridden, and he could not tolerate interferon treatment which he describes in a brutally honest and gut busting fashion. Through the coarse of the book he describes the good nutritional program along with a concentrated effort to take everything in the remedy he describes in his book, he started to feel much better right away, and a year later he was healthy and virus free---they couldn't find the virus in him. He has been hepatitis c free for almost 3 years and has liver enzyme readings of AST panel at 23 and ALT panel at 12 which he displays copies of. Mr. Wright's account of the events he encountered from contraction of hepatitis c to his complete recovery and the remedy that saved his life is a must read for anyone with Hepatitis C, cancer,HIV and aids. This is a true patient to patient testimonial which can save new patients a lot of disappointment, trouble and money. It is a good story that gives real hope for the patient with dire diagnois. It would not surprise me if this book is made into a movie in record time.



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