Hepatitis C Alternative Medicine Treatment Options


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Conventional medicine offers us drugs/therapy evaluated and approved by the FDA to treat Hepatitis C (HCV). However, it is worth considering that there may be cures/therapies/medicines, which have not been evaluated by the FDA, which may help you in your battle against hepatitis C. Can you afford to wait years, even decades for the FDA to approve these "alternative" medicines? Of course not!

Even if a medicine has not yet been proven or adequately tested for purposes of the FDA, the possibility that it may help Hep C still exists.

But who can you turn to to learn about alternative medicine and Hepatitis C? The pharmaceutical companies? The companies that sell drugs, herbs, vitamins and/or supplements? These sources are biased, since they profit from the sale of these items. Even your doctor (holistic or conventional) may have his/her own biased orientation.

Our mission is to research all the information available on alternative medicine treatment for Hepatitis C and provide you with an objective look at ALL options available to you. It is up to YOU to evaluate the alternative and conventional medicine available to treatment Hepatitis C. It is up to YOU to make an informed decision and to choose the HCV treatment or combination of treatments right for your body.

All of our research is aimed at finding reliable and diverse points of view. You will get the scientific "facts" as well as clearly identified opinions. We use sources that are grounded in "firm scientific inquiry" and adequate research as well as "unproven" but potentially beneficial ones.

About The Author of Healthy Hepper: HCV Personal Experience

My name is Anna Rockenbaugh.

I am not a medical expert and I'm not a "vitamin seller". I have hepatitis C. I created this web page in an effort to provide information I was looking for when I first began to look for treatment options for this disease. I wanted unbiased information about alternative and complimentary treatments for hepatitis C. I wanted specific information about alternative medicines, dosages, therapeutic goals.

I didn't want the typical rhetoric about how "unproven" natural medicine is, I wanted information about what it does for those who have succeeded using it. I wanted information that would help me learn to use natural medicine and benefit from it.

I didn't want the sales hype and "testimonials" of those who sell the natural medicine products either. Since they are obviously biased in favor of the products they sell. If a product is worthless I wanted to know that too. I wanted to get the "scientific" and "clinical" information as well.

I felt I couldn't get this information from my gastro (doctor). Nor could I get it from the health food store. So I researched and found as much information as I could on my own. The information on this website and in my E-books is a result of the research I am doing on a continuous basis.


1. To make all information Hep C patients need available in a central, easy to use location. Free, accessible and easy to use.

2. To send a message to doctors and medical professionals that research about alternative therapies are needed and wanted. That we need them to be informed about these natural medicines: interactions of drugs and herbs, possible dangers of some supplements etc. Even if they don't advocate natural medicines, they need to be informed.

3. To REQUIRE better explanation from "skeptics" as to why they think supplements are "worthless" and "won't help". All to often, I hear people calling natural medicine, "snake oil" and saying things like, "that stuff does nothing other than line the pocketbook of some scam artist." This is uneducated, misinformed rhetoric! It sounds even more "un-scientific" and ignorant than any rehtoric I've heard used to promote "natural medicine". I ask these people to give me SCIENTIFIC PROOF of natural remedies not working! I am more interested in FACTS, less interested in the "name-calling" and "jump-on-the-band-wagon" skepticism. If you're a skeptic that's great, I just ask you to be intelligent about it!

4. To get the message to others that there are alternatives to interferon. That natural medicine can be used either as an ADJUNCT therapy along with interferon, or on it's own, depending on the medical situation of course. If someone takes interferon and does not respond, there are other treatment options.

5. I interview sellers of various products, as well authors, doctors and natural medicine healers to gather a BALANCED set of perspectives and provide answers to questions you need the answer to.

6. I conduct and publish survey that will tell us what supplements are helping people with Hep C.

7. I provide well-written reports and E-books about hepatitis C topics and questions relevant to our fight against this disease and alternative treatment options. These E-books are designed to help people SAVE time and get information quickly and easily without the hassle and stress. The E-books are priced very low to make them accessible to everyone. They contribute to the cost of maintaining and developing this website, which is personally funded by me!