Hepatitis C Treatment Information


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Message to Those Newly Diagnosed with Hepatitis C Virus

Unfortunately, I get lots and lots of emails from people who have just been "newly diagnosed" with
Hepatitis C.

I also have HCV. I found this out about eight years ago. I remember what it is like when you first receive the Hepatitis C diagnosis. For me it was overwhelming, I was depressed, confused and afraid. I began looking for info on the Net and found it to be overwhelming all the stuff that was out there, all the choices that were available.

I didn't know what to do. I had so many questions about Hepatitis C. I didn't know if I should just go ahead and start treatment with interferon or try natural medicine first. I was full of fear, fear about everything. I searched the Internet and found so much technical info on hepatitis C and I just wanted someone to help me find the right healing program for ME.

I created my website as an ongoing effort of "organizing" all the resources I found in my search. I also created it to give those of us who want answers about natural solutions a place to come for open,honest, objective source of information. This is also a place where hope for victory over Hepatitis C is alive and well!


You have come to the right place! There are lots available of resources available for those with Hepatitis C.

There is free report available to you (on the home page of the site) about the immune system. All you have to do is send a blank e-mail after clicking on the banner and a report is automatically generated and sent to your email address.

Second, there are several links on the site that are especially helpful for new comers:

Facts Sheets & Q&A; about HCV

Hepatitis C Medical Basics

Progression of Hepatitis

Understanding HCV Labs

Current Disease Management

These links that should lead you to all you need to know about the Hepatitis C disease and will answer your questions about the what HCV is, Hep C lab tests, Hepatitis C transmission, etc.

FIND OUT about
WARNINGS and HEALTH ALERTS for people who have Hep C
Having a liver condition makes you more susceptible to some other deadly infections, liver damage and other things you'll want to avoid.

Also, you can find the names of physicians who treat HCV, that are recommended by patients.

Support Groups can be very important. You may want to join an E-Group (people share their experiences and information - they are all on the same E-list, whenever you send a message the whole group gets it). Some of these groups have moderators that are very knowledgeable. You will find a lot of help from this page on the site, about support groups: HCV SUPPORT GROUPS

Also, there is a page called "Help for Heppers", where you can find out what help is available if you don't have insurance and other types of assistance: HELP FOR HEPPERS

Another resource available to you is our FIGHT THE DRAGON E-BOOKS. This is a series of 3 E-books which give detailed information on alternative treatments and medicines that are being used by people with Hep C. You'll learn what others are doing that works to treat their symptoms, lower viral loads, and prevent cirrhosis. These E-books can be downloaded to your computer instantly. The E-books are convenient and they save you lots of time having to search all over for this information which is gathered together in these three E-books. Your purchase of the E-books helps support the cost of maintaining this website. SAVE yourself lots of time and find out how to BEAT THE DRAGON

Finally, you can search the "Hepatitis Database" for any topic you want more information on. It is easy to find your topic of interest, as everything is divided into categories: HEPATITIS DATABASE - DIRECTORY OF ONLINE RESOURCES

The more I learned searching the Net and the more people I came into contact going through what I was going through, the more I realized I could manage my condition and my fears began to fade. Support is crucial and knowledge is liberating.

I hope this will be of help. We are all in this together and it helps to have a place to come where all the information you need is accessible in one central location. You can find just about anything you need about Hep C on this site. Also, it is the only Hep C site devoted to all alternative medicine for Hep C.

Anna Rockenbaugh,

P.S. Join our "Healthy Hepper" Mailing List and you'll be sent updates on alternative medicine and changes and additions to our website.


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[ ] Find a good liver specialist (hepatologist or gastroenterologist) HELPFUL HCV DOCTOR LINKS

[ ] Get retested to confirm the HCV diagnosis

[ ] Get vaccinated against hepatitis A and hepatitis B.

[ ] Get copies of all your HCV lab tests.

[ ] Find a qualified natural medicine doctor who can give you advise about a health regimen involving natural medicines you can use for Hepatitis C along with conventional medicine (complimentary treatment)

[ ] Find a way to cope with and dissolve FEAR. Fear is very bad for your health. I recommend reading books about "body-mind-spirit" approach to medicine, meditation, prayer, "quiet-time", support groups (lots of Hep C support groups are available online).

[ ] Learn what Hep C is, get the medical facts! Although it is a serious disease, and you should approach it as such, it is not a death sentence. Many people are successful in the different treatments they choose and are able to live "normal lives". HEP C FACTS & FAQ'S

[ ] Learn How to Prevent Spread of Hepatitis C.
Lots of information on this topic is available in the famous
"Peppermint Patti's FAQ"

Also a very

HEPCBC Gives the following info about HOUSEHOLD HCV TRANSMISSION: Household transmission of hepatitis C is rare. It can occur where blood-to-blood contact happens. This could involve your blood spills coming into contact with someone's open cut, or to a lesser extent, the sharing of razor blades, toothbrushes and sharp personal grooming aids. It is advisable to wipe up blood spills with paper towels and bleach, and to keep razors and toothbrushes separate from those belonging to other family members. Wiping a surface with isopropyl alcohol and leaving it to air dry will also kill the virus.

Tips from the Peppermint Patti FAQ about prevention:

People who have hepatitis C should remain aware that their blood and possibly other body fluids are potentially infective, even when the person carrying the virus is asymptomatic. Care should be taken to avoid blood exposure to others by sharing toothbrushes, razors, needles, etc. Infected people must not donate blood, plasma or semen, and should inform their dental or medical health providers so that proper precautions can be followed.

HEPCBC and Peppermint Patti's FAQ offer this information about BLOOD SPILLS: A 10% bleach (soak for 30 minutes) should be used on all contaminated surfaces. There is no proof that this KILLS everything, but you can't autoclave the world. There are also chemical disinfectants containing phenols and other very expensive ingredients, but for home use bleach is the best we have. Bleach can be VERY VERY corrosive on some be careful what you slop it on. Pure H2O Bio-Technologies Inc. is currently working on a new germ killing liquid that kills bacteria and some viruses, including hepatitis C.

[ ] Get the proper lab tests run. Ask your liver specialist. Everything you need to learn about lab tests, liver enzymes, PCR, viral load genotype and any lab tests that you can have run can be found at (this is a VERY good place to learn this stuff!).

[ ] Ask your doctor to test your "liver enzymes" and give you a copy. You should learn about liver enzyme levels and what the tests mean. Track your levels.

[ ] Get your HCV genotype tested. Learn about what genotype is. and HEPCBC.ORG are both excellent places to learn about genotype.

[ ] Find out your Hep C viral load by getting tested.

[ ] Find out if you have "iron-overload".

[ ] Learn about your HCV treatment options: CONVENTIONAL & ALTERNATIVE. There's lots of information about interferon which can be accessed from the Hepatitis Database

[ ] Learn about ALTERNATIVE treatment options (adjunct, complimentary therapies). The Objective Medicine website is a large, extensive Hepatitis C Alternative Medicine website. The specialized "FIGHT THE DRAGON" E-book series offers the information you need to know about alternative medicine for hepatitis C. GO THERE

[ ] Learn how to do the most you can to protect your liver with a liver-healthy diet, nutritional supplements, herbs, vitamins, amino acids and a healthy lifestyle. GO THERE

[ ] FIND OUT about WARNINGS and HEALTH ALERTS for people who have Hep C. Having a liver condition makes you more susceptible to some other deadly infections, liver damage and other things you'll want to avoid.

[ ] Avoid these things in your diet: fat, sugars, processed foods, caffeine, chocolate, sodas, junk food.

[ ] Get lots of rest.

[ ] Cope with and manage stress levels in an effort to minimize stress. Stress is extremely bad for your health.

[ ] Get good sleep and adequate sleep. Quality of your sleep is important.

[ ] Drink lots of pure water (distilled is best).

[ ] Eat lots of fresh fruits and vegetables. Try using a juicer to make raw carrot juice, beets, celery!!!

[ ] Get exercise. Walking is most agreeable.

[ ] Join a Hepatitis C support group. Don't go through this alone!

[ ] Do your "spiritual" work. Find peace in yourself and reunite with your beliefs that bring harmony in your life.

[ ] Give to others and help others, it makes you feel good!

[ ] Join the "Healthy Hepper" Mailing List - I'll send you lots of info on the latest hot topics in alternative medicine for Hep C! JOIN NOW

[ ] Get the three "FIGHT THE DRAGON" HEP C E-BOOKS and down load them to your desk top for easy reference. You'll be glad you did! FIGHT DON'T FEAR THE DRAGON, TAKE ACTION NOW!

[ ] Find out what you can do to prevent cirrhosis or keep it from getting worse.