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Naomi Judd's Victory Over Hepatitis C

Naomi Judd is the famous country singer, of "The Judds". But, among people with Hepatitis C, Naomi Judd is well known for her battle with the hepatitis C virus, her cure, and her public life surrounding this "silent epidemic".

I live 2 hours from Nashville, and my Hep C doctor is in Nashville. So, when I found out I had Hepatitis C, my doctor told me of our "local success story", Naomi. I had heard of Naomi Judd quitting her singing career when she was sick, but I never realized it was Hep C and I didn't even know what Hep C was!

At the same time I learned I had this terrible disease, I also learned that a celebrity, Naomi Judd, had Hep C and got rid of it! I wanted to know everything about how she did it. My doctor, of course, said her interferon treatments were successful. Every "Alternative Medicine" source I read said she cured it naturally. It is true that she used alternative treatments diligently. It also true that she used the interferon treatments.

From my reading and trying to understand what "cured" Naomi Judd, I can only say that I believe that the use of both (alternative medicine & conventional medicine) equally, along with her life-style changes, body-mind-spirit work, is what finally made her free of the virus. It seems that one could not have done without the other. This is just my personal observation. Since Naomi Judd used both conventional and complementary alternative medicine I believe it is safe to assume that she wanted to increase her chances of clearing the virus to the maximum that she could.

I sent Naomi a letter asking for information and I received back a letter from Naomi along with "Naomi's Reading List" ( an amazing list, broken down into catagories, of all the books she read to learn how to cure her Hep C), as well as a special recommendation for The Hepatitis C Handbook.

More and more I have come to believe that we all have to "find" our own cure for hepatitis. It is a journey that only we ourselves can travel, we know somewhere deep within how to heal ourselves. We choose our way. No matter what "modality" we use, (conventional, alternative, both, or even no treatment) we are making a choice. It is my hope that everyone who reads this will not only educate themselves and get involved in their own treatment but that they will search within themselves for answers and direction that will lead them to what ever "cures" them.

I have put together a list of Naomi links for you to check out. You will find it interesting to read the different perspectives on what healed Naomi, how she found her cure.

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Survivors of Life-Threatening Disease are Said to Possess These 8 Characteristics:

Faith, Support, Humor, Connection with Nature, Sense of Purpose, Healthy Diet, Exercise, and an Open Belief System


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