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Learn About and Compare Bio Pro Thymic Protein A and Natcell Thymus Extract as Treatment for Hepatitis C

What is Thymic Protein A?

Thymic Protein A is a nutritional supplement designed to effect the same biological activity as the protein from the human thymus. It is made from cultured cells, not from actual thymus glands. The isolated and purified protein is derived from bovine thymus cells.
Bio Pro Thymic Protein A is packaged in single dose packets, each containing 12 trillion biologically active molecules of protein in a base of maltodextrin powder.
Dr. Tery Beardsley, an immunologist, discovered and patented the way to preserve an intact activated protein in the same complete form as would be produced by the human thymus.

How does thymic protein A work?

The human thymus is part of the body's endocrine and lymphatic systems. It reaches its maximum size at puberty and then begins to gradually shrink as we age.

It is Dr. Beardsley's belief that age related decreased immunity is due to a lack of properly programmed T-cells and the shrinking of the thymus gland. It is said that by age 40, the thymus gland is drastically smaller and has very reduced function.

The thymus gland plays a very important role in cell-mediated immunity. The thymus gland produces proteins which "program" T-cells. T-cells (T-lymphocytes) are made by the bone marrow and they are white blood cells. T-cells find and kill foreign invaders. Without the thymic proteins produced by the thymus, the T-cells are "naive", immature, and they will not function.

Insufficient production of thymic proteins to program the T-cells could allow chronic infections and degenerative diseases to develop. If a T-4 (helper) cell is programmed by the proper thymic protein it can identify any invader in the bloodstream, and secrete proteins called interleukins and interferons which tell the T-8 (killer) cells where to find the invader and how to destroy it.

As explained by Dr. Beardsley, of all the cells in the immune system the t-4 helper cell is the most important, it regulates the delicate balance of the immune system by secreting certain lympokines and cytokines, among them interleukin-2 and interferon, which act as "messengers" to tell specific cells to attack and destroy invading pathogens.

Essentially, the T-4 cells guide the "killer" cells (T-8, cytotoxic) to attack and destroy certain invading cells such as viruses and cancer cells. Thymic Protein A is designed to be the precise thymus protein which is the key to the cell-mediated immune system which programs the T-4 lymphocyte (T-4 helper cell).

According to Journal of Hepatology, 2004 Mar;40(3):491-500, "Compared with the control group, significant improvements in virological and/or biochemical response were seen in trials of thymic extract."

Another study in the Journal of Hepatology, 2001 May;8(3):194-201, concludes that, "TA1 (thymosin-alpha1) treatment could benefit patients with hepatitis C infection by increasing the Th1-type response, fundamental for sustained clearance of hepatitis C; and by decreasing the Th2-type response, associated with persistence of viraemia.

Who else takes Thymic Protein A?

Naomi Judd! The world-famous celebrity and country singer has recovered from her own battle with hepatitis C., in one of their website< articles, describes Naomi's health regimen/protocol, "Perhaps one of the most significant therapies (for its effect on Naomi's Hepatitis C) was thymus glandular extract from calves... Naomi's liver enzyme levels, which had gone up again after the interferon cycle ended, dropped to within the normal range after she added the thymus glandulars to her program."

The following doctors use it regularly in their practices (or for themselves):

Drs. Robert Atkins, Abram Ber, Jonathan Wright, Lee Cowden and Serafina Corsello.

Lloyd Wright, the author of Triumph Over Hepatitis C, who has been "cured" and now tests negative for HCV, has tried it. However, he stresses that the "frozen thymus" is far superior in many ways and attributes most of his success getting rid of the virus to "live cell frozen thymus extract," which is available on his website,

Frozen Thymus Extract

Lloyd Wright has provided a a statement from the manufacturer of the frozen thymus extract, which explains how it is different from Thymic Protein A : "The thymus provided by Author and researcher Lloyd Wright is manufactured using our state-of-the-art extraction and ultra-filtration process to preserve the integrity of the active thymic molecules and peptides. The thymus extract sold by Lloyd Wright provides broad-spectrum thymic peptides of 50,000 Daltons or less. Some thymus products have only one known peptide (thymic protein A). Moreover, our propritary ultra-filtration technology is a chemical solvent free process that eliminates unwanted compounds such as fat and fibrous tissues typically found in powders. The live cell thymus provides the molecules in the most natural state possible and it is the highest quality peptide complex available. Kept frozen to preserve integrity of all peptides.You can read more about this and find out how to get it at

When asked to compare Thymic Protein A with thymus extracts, Dr. Beardsley, comments, " Extracts of the thymus generally consist of whole thymus gland which is ground and dried or strained into liquid and administered in capsules or in sublingual drops. By the very nature of how these extracts are processed the resultant product is a conglomeration of thymus tissue, cell debris, fragments of thymus proteins and thymus by-products. These extracts are only slightly effective because they are mere fragments. To attain full effectiveness a protein must have a specific shape with extract transmitter and receptor sites."

Bovine Thymus Extracts

The Encyclopedia of Natural Medicine, lists thymus extracts as a treatment for hepatitis C. It states that there is good clinical data to support the effectiveness of orally administered bovine thymus extracts in treating acute and chronic viral hepatitis. It reports, " The effectiveness of the thymus extract in treating viral hepatitis is reflective of broad-spectrum immune-system enhancement, presumably mediated by improved thymus gland activity."

Summary on HCV and Thymic Protein/Thymus Extract

Dr. Julian Whitaker's Health & Healing Newsletter summarizes,
"What the single thymic protein that has been isolated by Dr. Beardsley does is take over the work that your thymus used to perform - it stimulates the immune system by programming T-4 lymphocytes, increasing both their numbers and activity. Since the primary function of Thymic Protein A is to program T-4 cells, it is interesting to consider the importance of T-4 cells as described by hepatitis C expert Matthew Dolan in The Hepatitis C Handbook, "It is the behavior of these cells (T helper cells/CD4) that are thought to be the primary indicator of who is likely to clear the virus upon infection and who is not.

Researchers have shown that a strong and multispecific CD4+lymphocyte response to HCV proteins is only present in HCV infected patients who successfully clear the virus..."

The question is does Bio Pro activate a T-cell response to HCV proteins?

If cell-mediated immunity and the T-cell initiated immune response is important to the management or even elimination of HCV (as the most current research reported in Matthew Dolan's book seems to suggest) and if Thymic Protein A truly stimulates these aspects of the immune system, it would appear to be an attractive product to use.

Matthew Dolan classifies thymic extracts as an alternative therapy, " It is a branch of cell therapy, a treatment approach that is popular for cancer in Germany and involves the injection of live cells from (calf) thymus. The general idea is to reinvigorate the immune system. There is no accurate reports on its efficacy for hepatitis C yet."

Method of Use

The extract should be slowly dissolved under the tongue (where is is absorbed directly into the bloodstream), as stomach acids will destroy fragile structure of the protein, according to John Anderson, author of the article Resetting The Immune System's Thermostat With Thymus Protein on


Bovine spongiform encephalopathy (BSE) is a fatal brain disease of cattle. The disease is believed to be caused by a "self-replicating" protein (a prion) rather than a bacterium or virus. Meat and milk have not been shown to carry the infective agent and measures have been taken to exclude those parts shown to carry the infective agent (primarily brain and nervous tissue) from the food supply.

According to an article by Amy Norton entitled "Herbal supplements Can Contain Animal Parts" (Source: Reuters Health, July 26, 2000), thymus products may contain "raw animal parts". Some people are of the persuasion that there is a theoretic possibility of a risk of transmitting "mad cow" disease by consuming thymus products.

Dr. Scott A. Norton, in an interview with Reuters Health, stated, "I would advise all of my patients not to take supplements that contain central nervous system tissue from animals." The reference to this article comes from and it states that the article warned readers that not all supplements list their full ingredients, or some people may not realize that the word "hypothalamus" means brain tissue, and "orchis" means bull testicles. It says that regulatory institutions have little or no power over dietary and herbal supplements.

My opinion is that we should investigate our thymus products mindfully, but that we shouldn't jump to irrational and paranoid conclusions. I asked Lloyd Wright about this issue and here's what he had to say:

"There is no evidence of mad cow disease on the north American continent. I hope they keep it this way. 1. The thymus is thymus, live cell, no central nervous system in it. 2. Again, Natcell thymus is Thymus, nothing else."

"There are approximately 2000 boxes of natcell thymus sold a week in the US and a whole lot more world wide. It is safe. The Natcell thymus is taken from live calves. Most thymus products are made from dead cows. There is a huge difference."


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