Hepatitis C Alternative Medicine Treatment Options


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When I first started researching information about Hepatitis C and learning what others have done to maintain their health and be successful at eliminating the virus, I wrote a letter to Naomi Judd requesting information. She replied. Along with a packet of information was a letter.

My Letter from Naomi Judd on Battling Hepatitis C

"The most important weapons you have in battling an illness are hope and knowledge. I know, I've been there. I spent endless hours pouring over materials to educate myself. I hope my journey to self-discovery will benefit you an stimulate you to become proactive. This reading list should get you started so that through your own research, you may arm yourself with knowledge.

Equally important in your fight against this awful disease is hope. Hope is the most powerful medicine there is. It is my faith and my hope that has kept my head above troubled waters and the very reason that I am alive and radiantly healthy today. I believe that faith and hope are twins born of the spirit. I encourage you to discover your own belief system. I don't use the word religion very much because I think religion is simply a bridge to get across to our true nature, which is our spirituality. But find the bridge that will connect you to your spiritual self.

In my own battle with Hepatitis C, I chose to make use of the best therapies in modern medicine alon side of lifestyle changes and complimentary techniques. Coming out of mainstream medicine myself, I believe in using all available modalities. Peace of mind is the goal. It is not the absence of a disease or problem, peace of mind is the ability to deal with conflict. I hope you realize there may not always be a cure, but there can always be healing. Although I am free of the virus, I will not feel completely free until all my companions are also free of this virus."

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