Hepatitis C Alternative Medicine Treatment Options


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Naomi Judd's Self-Directed Hepatitis C Healing Program

I have clipped sections of an article about Naomi Judd's Hepatitis Treatment/Healing Program written by I have added my own comments and observations as well as added hyperlinks.

"To the amazement of her conventional doctors, Naomiís alternative program sent the hepatitis into remission in two years. Conventional medicine says that once you get Hepatitis C, you have it for life, yet her symptoms are gone. Recently Naomi decided that remission is not enough and that she is 'going for the cure,' determined that the virus will leave her body. Naomi reports that her view of medicine has changed radically as a result of her experience with hepatitis. 'I see modern medicine as a last resort. You canít beat it when it comes to trauma care, antibiotics, surgery, or organ transplantation. Someday the rest of medicine is going to be viewed as barbaric. Hopefully when my grandchildren look back and see pictures of a human on life support, itís going to be the way we now look at the medieval practice of leeches.'"

"Naomiís message these days is that people need to simplify their livesófigure out what really matters and let the rest go. Have regular do not disturb days when you turn off the phone and the fax machine and have no schedule, Naomi suggests. Insist on personal time, reserve your limited spare time only for those who are very special, know when to say no, turn off the TV, spend time outdoors, and educate yourself about holistic medicine."

"Now Naomi is on a new kind of road tour, speaking all over the world about how the mind and emotions and body are linked. 'I tell people they already have three doctors: the spirit, the mind, and the body. Itís all about maintaining a balance between these three. If you have a deficit in one, itís going to draw from the other two. The body has an innate healing system. The body always knows what the problem is, what the source is, and how to heal it.'"

"Since recovering, Naomi Judd has written a second book, Naomiís Home Companion: A Treasury of Favorite Recipes, Food for Thought, and Kitchen Wit and Wisdom. A potpourri of health issues and statistics, family recipes, herbal remedies, and life recipes for mental, spiritual, and emotional well- being, the book contains many of the lessons Naomi learned on her way to health."

"Naomi predicts that 'the recognition of the mindís ability to help the body will inspire a new way of thinking about healing, prevention, and peace of mind.' This understanding, she adds, will likely lead to 'the overthrow of obsolete, rigid perceptions and expensive medical practices.'"

"Naomi spent the next six years looking into a range of alternative medicine techniques, although she prefers the term 'complementary.' She became friends with many of todayís prominent alternative healers and found new doctors who would support a holistic approach and give her that parachute of hope her earlier doctors had failed to provide. Finding the right doctor should be a priority for patients, says Naomi. 'But remember: two Dr. Rights can still be wrong.'"

"She was aware of good nutrition, but Naomi consulted a nutritionist to deepen her understanding. She was advised to cut down on red meat, increase her intake of vegetables and fruits, and eliminate caffeine. Today, Naomi uses organic produce whenever possible, enjoys yogurt, and drinks a glass of fresh carrot or orange juice every day."

"In addition to diet, the methods that became part of Naomiís total program to reverse the hepatitis range from acupuncture to zinc supplements. Regular acupuncture improved her energy level and helped correct the imbalance in her liver. Chiropractic adjustments kept her vertebrae in alignment so all her bodyís resources could be devoted to healing."

"A program of nutritional and herbal supplements strengthened her immune system and lent support to her beleaguered liver. She takes vitamins A, B, E, beta carotene, and at least 8,000 mg of vitamin C a day. 'I feel strongly about antioxidants,' she says. 'Iím fortunate in that I live in the wilderness and have clean air and pure water. Any time I go into the city, I double my antioxidant dosages.' That wilderness, incidentally, is a 500-acre ranch known as Peaceful Valley in rural Franklin, Tennessee, (an hour from Nashville) where Naomi lives with husband/manager Larry Strickland."

"The minerals in her regimen include selenium (which strengthens the immune system and is also an anticancer agent), zinc, biotin, folic acid, calcium, magnesium, and potassium. The main herb she takes is silymarin (milk thistle). Research has shown that silymarin is a liver cleanser and can alleviate symptoms associated with hepatitis, including fatigue, poor appetite, and abdominal pain. To lower the 'mud in the blood,' as she calls it, Naomi takes garlic powder, soy lecithin, and a product called Cholesta-loô (containing garlic, niacin, and plant sterols)."

"Perhaps one of the most significant therapies (for its effect on Naomiís liver) was thymus glandular extract from calves. The thymus gland, located behind the sternum, is essential in the maturation of T cells, which are integral to immune system response. The thymus gland atrophies with age and thymus extracts can replace its flagging support of the immune system. Naomiís liver enzyme levels, which had gone up again after the interferon cycle ended, dropped to within the normal range after she added the thymus glandulars to her program."

"Among the other components of Naomiís self-directed healing program were guided imagery and progressive muscle relaxation (taught to her by biofeedback therapists), yoga, prayer, and morning and evening 'quiet times' which are her form of meditation. To this recipe is added the love and support of her family and friends."

"Healing from her family: The love and support of her family and friends were a crucial element in Naomiís recovery. She and husband/manager Larry Strickland live on a 500-acre ranch, while her two daughters, actress Ashley (middle) and country singer Wynonna (right), live nearby. To help her deal with the emotional load she was carrying, Naomi sought the assistance of a therapist. In addition to clearing the emotions which could block her healing, Naomi learned breathing techniques for relaxation and to help her stay in the moment, which eased the anxiety attacks."

"Naomi also found massage to be helpful. A weekly massage, which she had already been enjoying for years, assists in muscle relaxation and keeps the lymph system flowing to drain toxins out of the body, she points out. Naomi views massage as a way to stop the fast pace of life and be fully in your body, a major antidote to stress. 'It makes me feel from head to toe.'"

"According to Naomi, the psychological component of her illness was that, as the 'Queen of Everything,' she felt she was carrying the world. She points to 'my missionary zeal to help people, on top of the fact that I was CEO of a large corporation. If I didnít sing, a lot of folks didnít eat.'"

"Naomiís approach to resolving her hepatitis exemplifies the eight characteristics medical research has found that survivors of life-threatening disease possess: faith, support, humor, connection with nature, a sense of purpose, a healthy diet, exercise, and an open belief system."

Here is a summary of the things involved in Naomi Judd's healing proram:

Organic produce

Glass of fresh carrot juice/day


Chiropractic Adjustments

Nutritional & Herbal Supplements


Beta Carotene

Vitamin C


Pure Water

Minerals: selenium, calcium, magnesium, potassium.

Milk Thistle

Garlic Powder

Soy Lecithin


Thymic Protein

Guided Imagery

Progressive Muscle Relaxation

Biofeedback Therapy




Breathing Techniques for Relaxation


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